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Loyalty Points

Loyalty Rewards Program

Loyalty Rewards Program Shop Earn Reward

We’re so excited to launch our new Loyalty Program! We rolled this out because we want to show our appreciation for our loyal customers (both new and old).

How Do I Join?

Create an online account and you’ll be eligible to start earning. You’ll earn a point for each dollar you spend. How’s that for easy?!

Loyalty Rewards Program one dollar equals one point

How Do I Redeem?

Every 100 points is worth $1. You can redeem your points for bottles of wine or select merchandise.  More information will be posted soon.

Loyalty Rewards Program 100 points equals one dollar of purchases

Earn More Points

Join one of our Wine Clubs and earn more points. Our Wine Clubs have perks and discounts. Now, as a Wine Club member you have more opportunities to earn points.

  Points/Dollar Wine Clubs
Tier 1 2 Pick Four
Tier 2 4 Six Shooter, Two Step
Tier 3 6 Just in Case, Three Amigos


Use Points to Support Local Non-profits

Loyalty Rewards Program charity selections

Use your points to support local charities. We currently have 4 local charities that we’re working with. Convert 2,500 points to $25 for the local charity of your choice!

Upcoming Ways to Earn Points

As we get more familiar with the system, we’ll have other ways to earn points.

Social Media Engagements
Charity Fundraisers
Specials of the Day
& more…